Andre Kruger started taking photos about 17 years ago, as a hobby and to capture images of his young family. His children started playing sport and he would run along the sidelines with his camera to get the perfect shot of a ball being hit or a spin ball taking flight. Slowly but surely people noticed his natural gift for action shots and he was asked to take more sports photos by enthusiastic parents who also wanted that perfect swing or goal.

Andre realised a true passion and love for the art of photography in all its forms whether it be sport, family, wedding or corporate. It was just a matter of keeping people still long enough to pose. He decided to study the finer points of not just the technical side, but also the creative and composition of a picture. He went on 2 courses with one of the most well-known and respected sports and wedding photographers in the country. He has also spent many many hours at practical workshops doing model shoots, wildlife, birds, and of course weddings.

He began the daunting and exciting journey into real weddings.

He realised that wedding photography was obviously vastly different from sports photography and required a certain finesse and composure to handle some nervous brides and grooms. It never phased him and he always managed to get that beautiful pose or unrehearsed moment. He also learnt through hours and hours of practice to hone and master his craft. The results were always amazing and the wedded couples always received photos they could be proud to show off.